Back from LA

Despite all the travel annoyances, the impossibility of getting flowers and balloons in downtown LA, it was an AMAZING time I shall never forget!! I’ll have an hour by hour review of the weekend as soon as I recover.

“The End” was fantastic. In the end it’s always about people  and the bonds we form with them. These bonds last through lifetimes and until “it all ends.”


Heading to LA

I’m flying to LA in the morning (22nd) for my Lost weekend and Jay and Jack’s Lost finale party! After I return I’ll post a trip report. I’ll also have some thoughts on the finale and Season Six. Plus, I’ll finally do the Tangled Roots podcast !awards!!! It’s going to be a crazy weekend!!

Goodbye to Lost and to five years of one wild and amazing journey.


No, it’s not Lost related, but Bumbershoot is one of the greatest things in the world, so check it out!

First Annual Tangled Root Podcast Awards

Coming up very soon (hopefully), my first ever “Tangled Root” awards for my favorite, and the best, Lost Podcasts!!

An Impromtu Poem about Lost before “What They Died For”

A poem about discovering Lost.

Cool Siam night

Cut and stitched with surgical precision

Heart twisted into isolation and ugliness

Brilliant, vivid images across my TV screen

Flawed men and women, also tangled from their pain

My mind absorbed, my attention drawn away from the scars

Hours pass like moments

Late night viewing

No sleep

Do not leave my room

Quick room service breaks

Cannot tear my eyes from the screen

I am on an island, unnamed, hidden

Everything else is forgotten

Cover my eyes, throw things at the flickering screen

The story feels real

Thank you for taking me to another place

Where the cuts and tangles can, for an hour, be forgotten

Lost Finale Parties around the USA

The Bittersweet Ending is Only a New Beginning.

I make no claims as to the availability of tickets or of the reliability of the information on the following Lost parties. I merely collected the information and am posting it here for people’s benefit. I’m sure there are parties going on in nearly every major city in the USA:
Chicago, Illinois,

May 23rd

Los Angeles, California (Jay and Jack)
May 23rd

New York, New York
May 23rd (?)

New York, New York
May 23rd

New York, New York
May 23rd
Las Vegas, Nevada
May 23rd

Orlando, Florida
May 23rd

Madison, Wisconsin
May 23rd

Honolulu, Hawaii
May 23rd

Cincinnati, Ohio
May 23rd

Burlington, Vermont
May 23rd
Hilliard, Ohio
May 23rd

St. Louis, Missouri
May 23rd

Beautiful Lost Tarot Cards

Check these tarot cards out!