Saying Goodbye to LOST!

If you are on Facebook, please join the group “Saying Goodbye to Lost” and help find a way to show cast, crew, and TPTB what Lost means to you!

I’m also excited to travel to LA for Jay and Jack’s Lost Finale Party I’m going to stay at the Omni and just chill on Saturday, and then brace myself for the end of Lost on Sunday. How can Lost end? I can’t even imagine it.


One thought on “Saying Goodbye to LOST!

  1. The ending of the finale “The End” was good but I doubt I’m the only one who thinks that two many loose ends have been left in the lost saga.

    Everybody being dead but I think that their limbo state was much more about Karma than purgatory.

    Dharma is almost synonomous with karma.

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