This is my blog. My first blog. I have now joined the roughly one or two billion people on the planet who have a blog! I’ve officially joined the cyber community for real. Or it feels that way, anyway. My first picture on this blog should also be here: a boat on a lovely beach in Southern Thailand.  

A blog should have a topic; so what’s the topic of this blog? Things that interest me, naturally! More importantly, juxtaposing, or even integrating, ideas and topics that one does not traditionally find together. What do wine, the Himalayas and hula dancing have to do with each other? I haven’t a clue, but maybe at some point I’ll figure it out!  

From February 2010 until May 2010, this blog, while not being a “Lost Blog” — will have some content on the final season of Lost. After five years of reading “Lost” blogs, and four years of being a devoted listener of “Lost” podcasts, I feel it’s time I put my own two cents in here and there. I’ll also plug other “Lost” blogs and podcasts I favor.  

Another topic important to me is anything health-care related, particularly medical tourism, and also the impact of technology on healthcare.  

Periodically I’d like to feature a musician or musical group that you might not know about – but should. I’ll draw first from the musicians I have on my “MySpace” page. After that – who knows?  

Promoting artists, photographers, shops, hotels, books and restaurants I like is another theme. I’m not paid to do this and will not be paid for promoting artists and so on. If I enjoy the work someone does, or the food they serve, then that’s reward enough.  

Since I travel a lot, and love traveling, the places I travel to should appear here.  


 That’s enough “bits and pieces” to tangle together. For now.  



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