Finding Lost

In the fall of 2005 and I was living and working in Alaska. But, for a variety of reasons not worth going into, I ended up in Bangkok, Thailand, having several orthopedic surgeries, including major spinal surgery (of all things!) I was not able to do a lot of stuff, obviously, either when I was in the hospital or recovering as an outpatient. So, I usually spent my evenings watching TV.

At that time in Thailand, “Lost” was on a couple times a week and always came on just before “House M.D.”, which was my most favorite show back then.

To this day I’ve never seen anything resembling a “TV Guide” in Thailand, and the only times given for shows seemed to be for Hong Kong time. I was always forgetting the time difference between Hong Kong and Bangkok. In order to make sure I did not miss House M.D., I’d turn the TV on for House at least an hour before I was expecting it to come on.

However, I had no interest in watching Lost. I’d heard of the show, but not more than that. I didn’t watch any ABC shows in 2005 and I’d never so much as seen a trailer for Lost, let alone an episode! I was oblivious to all things Lost and would intentionally not read about Lost if there was an article on it in “TV Guide” or “Entertainment Weekly.” I figured a “Gilligan’s Island” type show that was so popular in the media had to be really crappy by definition.

Over the weeks in Bangkok I’d see little snippets of Lost on TV and all I could think is that it was really weird. I kept seeing a little bit of some bald guy in the jungle, talking, and I simply found it all highly suspicious; even if the bald dude had this sort of magnetic quality about him!

One evening, I was just extra tired and there was nothing else on TV to keep me amused until “House” came on. So I flopped down on the couch and decided that I may as well just watch that crazy Lost show with the weird bald guy. I was a girl resigned to what I assumed was going to be a lame TV watching experience!! I’m not even sure I knew Lost was filmed in Hawaii (I will usually watch anything that is filmed in my beloved ex-home.)

Luckily for me, Lost was still just in season 1 in 2005 (in Thailand). The first episode I saw in full was the one where Locke and Boone find the Hatch (episode title escapes me). Two things happened that night when I watched my first episode: I started falling in love with Lost and I HAD to know what was in the hatch. I couldn’t stand it! I was utterly obsessed with what was in the hatch! And I loved “that bald guy”, John Locke. I found him so compelling!

The very next day I went out to MBK, a giant mall in Bangkok where you can buy DVDs and CDs very cheaply. I bought the entire set of season 1 on DVD and dashed back to my room start watching Lost from the first episode.

That weekend I holed up in my room and watched the pilot episode of Lost, and then entirety of season 1, was pure magic. I was hooked the second Jack woke up in the jungle. And when Jack stumbled onto the beach and then ran to help save the passengers in the plane wreckage, Jack almost instantly became one of my most favorite TV characters ever.

Now it’s 2010 and I still remember that magical weekend of marathon Lost watching like it was yesterday. I only slept about four hours a night. Other than that, I watched Lost straight through from the pilot episode to the season 1 finale. I was simply enchanted and completely engaged. I forgot the world and everything else around me. 2005 was, at that time, just about the worst year of my life. It was a year filled with death of loved ones, the murder of a friend, plus medical misery, pain, and malfunction. For that one weekend I totally forgot everything that had happen/was happening. I was sucked into the world of Lost and I literally didn’t have a thought about anything else. I’m so grateful that Lost can take me away from the pain of whatever is going on “now” and draw me, mind, body and heart, into its crazy and magical world. Lost numbed the pain while keeping my mind endlessly busy. I’m very grateful for that.

Lost continues to help me keep my sanity and takes me light years away from any sadness and frustration I might be feeling. Somehow, Lost is much more than just a TV show. For five years I’ve been drawn into Lost in a way that goes beyond anything I’ve seen on television before. And it’s not just because there is more to think about with Lost than with any other show. There is something else there I can’t entirely define it. Often I feel as if Lost is a person I love dearly, but one who often drives me utterly insane and pushes me toward the edge of reason!

In time, with Lost came the Lost community. While I am not involved in the Lost community or known to it, I feel very familiar with those interesting and amazing folks who do all the podcasts and blogs. I didn’t get an Ipod or even know what a podcast was until the summer of 2006, but once I found the Lost Podcasting Network, I had a new addiction on top of watching just the TV show!

In 2005 I suffered from the innocent delusion that “things can’t get any worse.” Well, believe me, things can always get much, much worse. Each year after 2005 got worse, and I now almost look upon 2005 as rather innocent and quaint.

Still, for me, there is Lost and the Lost community. For a few more weeks, anyway. After that? Who knows.


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